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Bob's Watches is a team of passionate luxury watch specialists. When you sell your watch to Bob’s you receive our superior customer care and expertise. We know that you have a number of options when it comes to selling your watch. That is why we offer the best value for your timepiece based on the latest market valuations and prices.

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Luxury Watches Pricing

Model / ReferenceModel / Ref Description Current Buy Price
114060 Rolex Submariner - Non Metal, 40mm 1k deduct no papers $8,280Sell
114200 Air-King - Oyster Perpetual, Steel, 34mm, Oyster Bracelet $2,850Sell
114210 Air-King - Oyster Perpetual, Steel, 34mm, Oyster Bracelet $4,200Sell
114234 Air-King - Oyster Perpetual, Steel & White Gold, 34mm, Oyster $4,200Sell
114270 Explorer - Steel, 34mm, Oyster Bracelet $4,000Sell
114300 Oyster Perpetual - Steel, 39mm, Oyster Bracelet $6,000Sell
115200 Date - Steel, 34mm, Oyster Bracelet $3,870Sell
115210 Date - Steel, Engine Turned Bezel, 34mm, Oyster Bracelet $4,750Sell
115234 Date - Steel & White Gold 34, Oyster Bracelet $4,800Sell
116000 Oyster Perpetual - Steel, Colored Dials, 36mm, Oyster Bracelet $4,500Sell
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to sell luxury watches?

When it comes to selling luxury watches, it is important to consider a reputable company. Bob's Watches has a reputation as a trusted and renowned watch dealer, providing a secure and convenient platform for selling luxury timepieces. Our expert team of watch specialists ensures fair and competitive pricing, making it an attractive option for watch enthusiasts looking to sell their valuable pieces.

Which luxury watch has the best resale value?

When it comes to luxury watches, few timepieces can match the resale value of Rolex. Rolex has long been regarded as a benchmark for quality, craftsmanship, and timeless design, which translates into strong demand in the pre-owned market. Models like the Rolex Submariner, Daytona, and Datejust are known for their consistent appreciation and desirability among collectors.

How much can you make selling luxury watches?

The potential earnings from selling luxury watches can vary depending on several factors. Firstly, the brand and model of the watch greatly influence its resale value. High-end brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet generally command higher prices in the market. Additionally, factors such as the watch's condition, rarity, age, and included accessories can affect its selling price.